I'm Jimmy and welcome to
my UX/UI portfolio.

I have a multidisciplinary training in not only user experience but also in graphic design, video editing as well as photo/videography.

I am driven to make a difference through design and to create meaningful experiences that can change people's lives for the better.


A little bit about myself.

Welcome to my portfolio, my name is Jimmy. I am UXUI designer with more than 5 years of graphic design and videography experience which helped me develop a keen eye for observing the world around us. This portfolio is put together with some of my latest projects. I hope that it reflects my passion and proficiency.

Bite-Sized Challenges

Some personal challenges on improving existing interfaces and user experiences.

Notable Clients

See my CV.

I appreciate the time taken for viewing this portfolio. I hope this was as  interesting for you as it was for me.

You can reach me at: